If Valentine’s Day preparations slipped to the …

If Valentine’s Day preparations slipped to the bottom of your to-do list, there’s no need to panic Our Cantonese dessert date guarantees to deliver love at first bite. Learn to make scrumptious sweet treats with us – charm your sweetheart, friends, (sugar) daddy/mammy and complete your V-day dinner with the perfect finish!


Carousel Date | 童話約會
Serradura | 葡式木糠布丁

Madly in Love | 撻著
Tarte Normande| 法式蘋果玫瑰撻

Yin and Yang | 天生一對
Tangyuan | 鴛鴦湯圓

Puppy Love | 有情飲水飽
Sweet Potato Soup | 蕃薯糖水

Silly 🐷 | 如珠如寶
Bubble milk with Brown Sugar Syrup |


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A little notice for our Cantonese class …

A little notice for our Cantonese class participants…

Details for Term 2 Cantonese classes will be as follows – a new classroom for a new year 😉 see you all soon!

Thanks for coming to our Dessert Masterclass …

Thanks for coming to our Dessert Masterclass tonight! Hats off to all great chefs and a MASSIVE shoutout to our execs and coordinators for helping and making this event happen😊💯

All recipes are in the booklet – recreate them at home anytime! 😉 All ingredients can be purchased in CV Mart – Get 10% off your bill when you buy more than £20 with them.

Discount Code: wwcansoc


Thanks for coming to our MahJong Social yesterday

Thanks for coming to our MahJong Social yesterday! Another night of good fun and laughters☺️

Many thanks to CV mart for providing us quality Asian snacks.

Get 10% off your bill when you purchase more than £20 with them! With our discount code: wwcansoc

*present your CanSoc membership card upon delivery😉

Sign up to our membership to enjoy the following …

Sign up to our membership to enjoy the following discounts!

Special thanks to our amazing sponsors, all members of Warwick Cantonese Society can enjoy special discount offers below:

Food and Entertainment:
China Red:
• Eating 10% discount
• KTV discount (15% on Friday & Saturday / 20% on Sunday – Thursday + Birthdays)

Shin Ramen:
• 15% discount in restaurant

Dumpling King:
• 15% discount on online purchases (enter discount code ‘WCS15’ when ordering)
• £1 discount for on-site food (e.g. Food Fairs)

CV Mart:
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Mooboo Bubble Tea:
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• 10% discount on any purchases

Han Dynasty:
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Been Restaurant:
• 10% discount on any purchases

Cover Letter Library:
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• Service: Access to over 650+ successful cover letter examples, applications and detailed interview experience contributed by professionals at 60+ companies

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考文垂好聲音 …

Voice of Coventry – SING TO VICTORY


Official languages:
Chinese + English

All songs of any languages and genres are welcome.


10/11/2018 – 11/11/2018 @ China Red

Each contestant will be required to sing 1 to 2 songs. The first 16 contestants that get through audition will enter the semi-finals.


Mid-January, location TBC

First round:
Battle between singing tutors’ groups.
Each contestant will be assigned a singing tutor (4 tutors in total). The host draws from ballot the first 2 tutor groups to battle against, with contestant send out by their tutor to PK 1v1 against a rival from opposite group. The remaining 2 groups are automatically then up against each other. Each contestant sings for 3 minutes and the singing tutors decide which one is considered safe, the other still to be determined.

For the remaining 8 contestants still to be determined, 4 are revived into the next round (2 voted by audience and 2 voted by judges).

Second round:
Revival challenge
Each of the 4 revived members can choose their rivals from the “safe 8” to PK 1v1 (singing duration is 2 minutes 30 seconds) to fight for a final 8 spot. With 50% of votes from audience (audience’s vote is worth of 1 point) and remaining 50% from judges (judge’s vote is worth of 10 points) to decide whether the challenge is successful.
The final 8 are entered into the FINAL.


16/02/2019 @ Warwick Arts Centre

Scan the QR code in the poster or contact us:

Cantonese is the lingua franca which originates …

Cantonese is the lingua franca which originates from the Guangdong province in China, one variety of the Chinese language still widely used today. Not only is Cantonese the main language in Hong Kong and Macau, but it is spoken by about 80 million people including South East Asia (Malaysia, Vietnam, etc.) and many oversea Chinese communities.

Although Cantonese shares some vocabulary with Mandarin (the dominant and official language of China), the two varieties are mutually unintelligible because of differences in pronunciation, grammar and sentence structure. One notable difference being how the spoken word is written; both languages can be recorded verbatim, but the uniqueness of the dialect mean that a non-verbatim formalized written form is adopted, which is more similar to the Mandarin written form.

Here at CanSoc, we embrace and encourage the use of the Cantonese language, but also welcome those from different language and cultural backgrounds. We even have Cantonese classes for those who are interested to learn.

Click the link below to sign up: