Head of Sponsorship

Position Requirements

Head of Sponsorship


Present Exec

Rain Lau

    Having been the Head of Sponsorship for a year in Cantonese society, I would like to stress the meaningfulness and uniqueness of this position.

    Firstly, Head of Sponsorship takes 100% responsibility in finding sponsorship, by approaching sponsors and negotiating the deal, it gives one an opportunity to develop communication skills and expand his/her network. Having gone through interviews, assessment centers and finally secured a summer internship with the big four, I realized that these skills and the experience are what employers would like to see.

    Secondly, being a Head of SponsorShip also means that one has to maintain good relationship with sponsors. For example, he/she has to keep our sponsors updated with events and fulfill sponsors’ requirement as stated in the contract. It pushes you to be persistent in what you are doing, as well as coordinating your team to meet sponsors’ expectation. To me, it is the rehearsal for my internship, as I will have to deal with clients.

    To summarise, if you are a friendly and outgoing person, if you want to gain skills in communication and relationship-building, Head of Sponsorship is for you!