Cantonese Class『Lesson 2』[耶] 18

Cantonese Class『Lesson 2』[耶]

18:30-19:30 Tonight
Mandarin Version:
1、Milburn House F.25A
2、Social Science S2.84
English Version:
1、Social Science S2.73
Newcomers need to pay 1 pound as printing fee
Thank you for supporting CanSoc!![左哼哼]

To our dear society members, …

To our dear society members,
You can collect your membership card next week!!
A big thank you to our sponsors for supporting Cantonese society and also thank you guys for being part of CanSoc family. Now it is time for you to have some “sweets”.

Our membership card benefits include:

China Red – 10% discount on eating; 15% on KTV from Friday to Saturday, 20% from Sunday to Thursday and on also your Birthday.

Shin Ramen – 15% discount

Dumpling King – 15% discount on online purchase; £1 discount for on-site food

CV Mart – 10% discount on online purchase

Top Express – 10% discount

Mooboo Bubble Tea – 15% discount

Collection time and location:
Monday to Wednesday from 12pm – 2pm at Library first floor – Ikea space (the place where you can cycle to charge phone)
Remember to bring is your STUDENT ID CARD when you come!!

#CanSocSingingCompetition Yo

Yo! We are very happy to announce that application for our CanSoc singing competition is available now. Anyone who loves singing or cantonese songs is 100% welcome to our competition. You can do solo or duet with your friend. It is time for you to show us what you got, superstar!

First audition:
02/11 from 19:00-22:00 at S0.13
03/11 from 16:00-22:00 at S0.08
(Remember to submit your application form before 01/11 10:00pm!!)
Click the link to apply

Frist Prize:
China Red £100 Karaoke Voucher
Second Prize:
China Red £50 Karaoke Voucher
Third Prize:
CV Mart £30 Voucher
Don’t conceal your passion for music!!:)

Last Friday, our CanSoc members had so much fun …

Last Friday, our CanSoc members had so much fun at the Karaoke social event in China red!! 😆It was great to meet so many new faces joining the society and being interested in Cantonese culture.😘
Hope to see you on our Cantonese lesson tomorrow!😉

Cantonese Class is now opened!💯 …

Cantonese Class is now opened!💯

(A UNIQUE language)
Cantonese, or Standard Cantonese, is a variety of the Chinese language spoken within Guangzhou (historically Canton) and its vicinity in southeastern China. It is the traditional prestige variety of Yue, one of the major subdivisions of Chinese.🌈

Class 1️⃣:
self introduction and some simple numbers

Every Tuesday from Week4
18:30-19:30 (excluding reading week)

We will send you a comfirmation email next Monday.

The course will be taught in 2 languages; English and Chinese (mandarin).
Cantonese Class will be charged £1 each term as printing budget.
You don’t need to know Cantonese before.

Sign up for our Cantonese Class! 📝Let’s go!✅✅
If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us.🤗
Clink the following link


【CanSoc Singing Social】🎤🎤 …

【CanSoc Singing Social】🎤🎤
La la la la, guys, we are going to have a Halloween Karaoke Party with U in China Red on OCT.20th. Join us and sing out loud!! Don’t miss out this valuable chance. 🙋🙋‍♂️

Time: OCT.20th Friday 23:00 till late
Location: China Red (CV1 1LB)
Price: £25 for Member
£28 for Non-member
Includes: Karaoke, card games, alcohol and snacks

Dress up!!! Come in fancy dress or Halloween costume.🤡🤡

Tickets on sale:
Tuesday to Thursday
Oct.17-19 | 12-2p.m
in Library Reading Lounge (Behind Library welcome point)

Come and sing with CanSoc❗️

As our Cantonese class will be commencing soon, …

As our Cantonese class will be commencing soon, for those of you eager to start learning some common and modern phrases in Cantonese, check out this quick video below!

Our sign up for the class – divided into English stream and Mandarin stream, will be open in just a few days, so stay tuned!

我們的粵語班即將開始, 所以現在就先教大家幾句日常的對話~

粵語班的報名幾天後就會開始, 先期待一下吧 !